Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why should I choose Post-Frame construction over steel or masonry constuction for my new building?
Answer: Post-frame is superior to these methods in three ways. (1) You will enjoy increased energy efficiency and the lower heating and cooling bills that go with it for years to come. (2) The wide range of attractive and flexible design features are simply unmatched. (3) Perhaps the most important, it provides more strength and structural integrity for your building dollar.
Question: How long can I expect the post-frame construction to take?
Answer: In most cases, a post-frame building can take as little as half the time to build than a conventional frame building.
Question: Will my post-frame construction meet building code requrements?
Answer: Absolutely! Post-Frame construction techniques meet building code requrements.
Question: How will my post-frame building hold up during severe weather?
Answer: Excellent performance has been observed during high winds or hurricanes when compared to other construction methods.
Question: How will using post-frame construction method for my building save me money over the convention construction methods?
Answer: Building system cost savings are considerable. Savings can be realized in:
  • Materials
  • Labor due to shorter construction time
  • The use of more cost-effective construction equipment
  • Lower interst costs due to quicker erection
  • Less building maintenance requied
  • Energy savings due to natural insulating proerties of wood and its inherent ability to effectively insulate the wall and roof cavities
  • When making cost comparisions, it is important to compare in-place systems costs and estimate the future maintenance and cooling costs for all building types being considered.