Most of our post-frame buildings our built of permanent wood foundations consisting of pressure treated laminated columns that are embedded directly into the ground. Holes are typically dug four feet deep into the ground and concrete footings are poured in the bottom of these holes to create a stable foundation for the building frame. Different size holes are dug depending on the load they will need to support. Generally three or four ply post of 2x6 or 2x8 members are used. The bottom six feet of these posts have been treated to a total absorption of at least .60 pounds of CCA-C preservative per cubic foot of wood. These posts have a sixty year warranty against rot or insect damage.

Other foundation options include fastening posts directly to the top of poured concrete foundation walls with special steel brackets that are embedded into the concrete pour. Another option is the use of Perma-Columns®. These pre-cast reinforced concrete columns designed specifically for post-frame construction utilize a bracket that extends eighteen inches above grade to which a laminated column is affixed. These reinforced concrete columns are made of 10,000 PSI concrete with built in corrosion and freeze/thaw protection.

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