Building Accessories

Everlast Buildings builds a wide variety of structures such as farm, commercial, suburban, equine and light industrial buildings. Roof trusses can span as wide as 80'. Raftered style buildings utilizing interior foundation posts to support the roof system can also be used. This style is very useful when building stall barns as these posts can be used to support the stalls.

Exterior walls can be insulated using six inches of fiberglass blanket (R-19) and covered on the inside with white liner panels, plywood or drywall. The ceiling can also have white steel liner panels fastened to the bottom of the roof trusses and have twelve inches of fiberglass above for ( R-38 ) rating.

You can choose large door options by using our very durable steel frame sliding doors or steel overhead garage doors. Sliding doors as big as 30'x16' slide easily and smoothlyusing trolleys with steel roller bearings and a continuous bottom guide and guide rail system.
Other options that are available that can add function and added looks to your building are:
Walk Doors, Windows, Cupolas, Porches, Wainscot, Guttering, Shutters.

Post-frame buildings may be designed to meet the highest standards for quality and aesthetic beauty, and are the most efficient and economical choice for most low-rise building applications. Whatever interior or exterior look you prefer, post-frame can meet the challenge.
Most of our buildings have an exterior finish using steel roofing and siding panels. These steel panels are coated with a galvalurne substrate and then painted with either a siliconized polyester or Kynar 500 paint system. These painted steel panels will provide decades of service life with little need of maintenance other than periodic cleaning. With many colors to choose from you can have that beautiful building that you have always dreamed of. There are other exterior siding options such as vinyl or wood, brick, stone or stucco. The roof can be covered with standing seam metal or asphalt shingles. Contact us for more information on these and many other options.